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Food News – 12/12/22

  IN-N-OUT SELLS OUT UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER In-N-Out has a new set of ugly Christmas sweaters. The three sweaters come in a variety of designs and went on sale last week on the restaurant’s website. [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]

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STOCK UP ON AVOCADOS Avocados may improve your sex life. A new study shows that while avocados in isolation won’t drastically impact your sex life, they do have some nutritional properties that may provide a [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]

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Got a difficult friend to shop for? Try WTF do they want dot com Answer a few questions about the person in your life and browse a selection of gift suggestions You can also explore more [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]

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The Lazer Music News 11/24/22

HERE’S YOUR MUSIC NEWS FOR NOVEMBER 24th Music news that won’t really make you thankful. It may disgust you. It might even make you less thankful. 2023 PUNK ROCK BOWLING LINEUP ANNOUNCED The lineup for [GREAT PLAINS MEDIA]